Stalking Stevie

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Your claws sink deep

Into my skin. I try

To find your faults,

But they don’t exist.

In this moment your

Perfection is fear

Inducing. You are

Everything that I want,

But I don’t want to

Want you. I run for

Miles but you’re still

On my mind, on my

Tongue. I taste you.

Your sweetness with

My sour is the perfect


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The wind woke me up

Last night, while you slept.

I lay and watched the colours

Sweep through the windows and

Wash over your face.

You were happy.

I was happy watching

You be happy. I still am

But I wonder if the colours

Would wash over me if

I could sleep too. If I could just

Close my eyes and dream

Of rainbows.



Your fists clenched and trembling,

You come at me, hard, fast,

Your toes whisper on the wood,

You’re flying, you’re soaring,

You hate me, you hate who I am, Continue reading “Invisible”

Recipe of Memory

You slice my charred heart open with a knife,

My sweet and spicy love is not enough,

I was never enough,

Just something for you to Smash into,

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