Stalking Stevie

Stalk my ponderings, poetry and general pencil pushing.



All Yours

I’m not walking down this road for you.

I’m just heading to the gym actually.

I know my leggings are tight,

But that doesn’t mean I want you in them.

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Evergreen Part 1

I have been afraid of the dark for as long as I can remember.


Pain throbs in Nyx’s tummy and she squirms uncomfortably. She crosses and uncrosses her legs until she finds a position that helps.

“Just get up and go,” the teddy’s black eyes bore into hers.

“No!” Nyx replies.

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Under Water

Lost in the water
Of wanting to do well
Why bother trying
When surely I’ll flail

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Alone Again

Alone again, yet crowded

No one here, but my thoughts

Thinking through them thoroughly

My brain, it aches with work

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