Stalking Stevie

Stalk my ponderings, poetry and general pencil pushing.



Good Girl

I don’t know if the way I speak is the way I actually speak or if I choose to sound this way.

That scares me.

I try to talk in the language of my ancestors but my tongue trips over itself trying to taste the words.

I don’t know if the image I project is who I really want to be or if it’s society’s version of a better me you see.

That scares me.

I paint my face with white lies and keep my hair long for you, you like it long don’t you baby?

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I watched as her usually steady hands began to shake

when they reached for the door.

She never knew.

I was entranced as she peered about her house.

She never knew.

I chased her as she scurried quickly to her room.

She never knew.

Captivated I witnessed her remove her carefully placed make up.

I guessed what she knew.


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It’s Not About Me – Writing Prompt

Sometimes she shies away

So consumed by self-doubt

She walks with stooped shoulders

She talks in sighs and whispers

Silence overcomes when people see

See her beauty, they are drawn in

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Just a Game

Simon says clap your hands

Simon says stand on one foot

Simon says jump up and down

Spin around!

Ha! You and you, you’re out!

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