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All Yours

I’m not walking down this road for you.

I’m just heading to the gym actually.

I know my leggings are tight,

But that doesn’t mean I want you in them.

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I’m afraid of the truth

Not the all encompassing

Truth of that which is known

But your truth
The truth that could say

That like my looks your

Love for me has faded

Eroded by waves of time
The truth that could say

That the things that once

Endeared you to me are now

Noxious gas suffocating you
My quirkiness makes you cringe

My inadequacy with words, wearisome

My flaws magnified until they’re all you see

It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s us

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A woman lies in bed

Lying to herself


To be okay

She will do it all

Tomorrow, she wont.


You are beautifully

broken but I know

I can fix you. I put

you back together

like a jumbled jigsaw.

The pieces slot in

easily until I am left

looking for the last

piece. Where is it?

Good Girl

I don’t know if the way I speak is the way I actually speak or if I choose to sound this way.

That scares me.

I try to talk in the language of my ancestors but my tongue trips over itself trying to taste the words.

I don’t know if the image I project is who I really want to be or if it’s society’s version of a better me you see.

That scares me.

I paint my face with white lies and keep my hair long for you, you like it long don’t you baby?

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Your claws sink deep

Into my skin. I try

To find your faults,

But they don’t exist.

In this moment your

Perfection is fear

Inducing. You are

Everything that I want,

But I don’t want to

Want you. I run for

Miles but you’re still

On my mind, on my

Tongue. I taste you.

Your sweetness with

My sour is the perfect


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Your face, I forgot

But I looked for you

In the crowd. Knew

You had to be here,

You said you would

Be here. Why aren’t

You here? I hate you

For a moment, a

Minute, it feels like

Forever. Then you

Are here. Hands on my

Hips. Sliding down,

You cup my bum and

Draw me closer to

You, away from the

Hate. I fall into your

Face. Now I am



The wind woke me up

Last night, while you slept.

I lay and watched the colours

Sweep through the windows and

Wash over your face.

You were happy.

I was happy watching

You be happy. I still am

But I wonder if the colours

Would wash over me if

I could sleep too. If I could just

Close my eyes and dream

Of rainbows.


Evergreen Part 7

Sometimes history repeats itself, sometimes it doesn’t.


“Nan. I need to talk to you.” Nyx stands at the door with tear streaked cheeks.

“Come in, come in. What’s wrong?” Nan shuffles down the hallway. “Tea?” She asks.

“No thanks Nan.”

“Well? What’s up?”

“Nan I’m pregnant.”

“You’re going to have a wee baby? Oh Nyx, but who? Ryan?”

“No I’m not having a baby, I’m pregnant. I don’t know who.”

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