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Fifteen Part 2

“What’s wrong with you huh?” Beth asks Lena. Lena grizzles in response. “Okay let’s check out that nappy cause you stink kid.”

Beth takes a towel out of the cupboard and lays Lena down on it before grabbing the wipes and a nappy.

“Boys? Where are you?” She calls out as she wipes bright yellow shit from Lena’s thigh rolls. “No wonder you stank girl, this is next level. What has your mother been feeding you?” Once Lena is clean she gives Beth a big smile. “See life’s not so bad is it? Let’s go see what your brothers are up to.”

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Your claws sink deep

Into my skin. I try

To find your faults,

But they don’t exist.

In this moment your

Perfection is fear

Inducing. You are

Everything that I want,

But I don’t want to

Want you. I run for

Miles but you’re still

On my mind, on my

Tongue. I taste you.

Your sweetness with

My sour is the perfect


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Your face, I forgot

But I looked for you

In the crowd. Knew

You had to be here,

You said you would

Be here. Why aren’t

You here? I hate you

For a moment, a

Minute, it feels like

Forever. Then you

Are here. Hands on my

Hips. Sliding down,

You cup my bum and

Draw me closer to

You, away from the

Hate. I fall into your

Face. Now I am



The wind woke me up

Last night, while you slept.

I lay and watched the colours

Sweep through the windows and

Wash over your face.

You were happy.

I was happy watching

You be happy. I still am

But I wonder if the colours

Would wash over me if

I could sleep too. If I could just

Close my eyes and dream

Of rainbows.


Evergreen Part 6

Blood is thicker than water, but it is a woman’s curse.


Nyx reaches her arms toward Ryan’s neck and laces her fingers together at the nape. His brown curls tickle the backs of her hands. She smiles at him then pulls him towards her. Her lips press against his and she closes her eyes. They gasp for breath between kisses, he lifts her from her feet before gently lowering her onto the soft, green grass. He looks down at her and they lock eyes.

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Evergreen Part 5

Can you feel loss for something you never had?


“You’re just like your bloody mother.” Makutu seethes.

“Oh really?” Nyx replies. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re never bloody satisfied with what you’ve got. She always wanted what was out of reach.”

“What’s wrong with wanting more?”

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Evergreen Part 4

The world can be a scary place, the mind can be scarier.


“Shhh. Come on, follow me”. Nyx motions for Sarah to follow her out of her bedroom window. Once outside the wind tugs at their nightgowns as they make their way down the path. Their bare feet imprint the soft green grass as their feet gently kiss the paddock.

“How much further?” Sarah asks. She looks about her but sees nothing in the darkness.

“Not far. It’ll be fun. Just like in the movie.”

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Evergreen Part 3

Like the stars and moon light up the night, you light up my life.


“Look at that one there, what does that one look like to you?” Makutu points to the stars. She squints her eyes trying to blur them into seeing a shape.

“Hm, maybe a puppy?”

“Funny that, you think you’re seeing your future do you?” His eyes crinkle at the corners.

“Well it’s my birthday soon and ten’s old enough to look after a puppy isn’t it?”

“We’ll see.” Silence hangs in the air, but it’s not heavy and cumbersome. The silence wraps them up comfortably as they stare at the sky, thinking.

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Fishing Day Trip 2

A vlog from a fishing trip in December with my Dad and fiance. It was such a beautiful day!

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