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A Death in the Family

Bed day!

Opening my eyes I can see that the room is cast in shadows. The light trying to push through the curtains fails and I am left to wallow in semi-darkness. I wiggle my legs under the blanket. Thinking it’s a game Artie pounces and attacks the duvet covers, intent on killing it. She turns her fluffy face to me, meowing, she runs out to the lounge room prompting me to feed her. She’s such a greedy little fur-baby. I roll over and feign sleep.


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Recipe of Memory

You slice my charred heart open with a knife,

My sweet and spicy love is not enough,

I was never enough,

Just something for you to Smash into,

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On the Way Down

“Race ya to the top!” I yell, reaching for the first branch. I pull myself up, my long limbs swing and pull my way to the top. I laugh as I climb because I know I will win, I always do. I go as far as I dare, the branches have thinned out so I can see the sun going to sleep behind the hills.

“I win!” looking down I can see Mikey and Riki puffing, too afraid to come further.

“You cheated!” Riki says

“No I didn’t, you’re just slow.”

“Well you’re just a stupid girl!”

“I’m not stupid.”

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