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So Let it Fall

When I’m at Dad’s the rain smells like freshly cut grass and wood smoke. First thing in the morning Dad checks the weather. “Supposed to rain later, better get out there and mow the lawns. I can see the flowers.” Robyn gets up and wraps her fluffy robe around her. “How about I light the fire?” I flip on the jug and make us all cups of tea. The fire’s roaring by the time Dad comes in smelling like grass and petrol. “Go have a shower Terry, you stink,” Robyn calls from the kitchen. The rain starts to fall. The sweetness of the decapitated daisies fills the house and as I open the door to the fire to place more wood on the flames, the smoke seeps out with the heat. I lie on the rug in front of the fire and sip my tea.

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Evergreen Part 4

The world can be a scary place, the mind can be scarier.


“Shhh. Come on, follow me”. Nyx motions for Sarah to follow her out of her bedroom window. Once outside the wind tugs at their nightgowns as they make their way down the path. Their bare feet imprint the soft green grass as their feet gently kiss the paddock.

“How much further?” Sarah asks. She looks about her but sees nothing in the darkness.

“Not far. It’ll be fun. Just like in the movie.”

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Evergreen Part 3

Like the stars and moon light up the night, you light up my life.


“Look at that one there, what does that one look like to you?” Makutu points to the stars. She squints her eyes trying to blur them into seeing a shape.

“Hm, maybe a puppy?”

“Funny that, you think you’re seeing your future do you?” His eyes crinkle at the corners.

“Well it’s my birthday soon and ten’s old enough to look after a puppy isn’t it?”

“We’ll see.” Silence hangs in the air, but it’s not heavy and cumbersome. The silence wraps them up comfortably as they stare at the sky, thinking.

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Evergreen Part 2

Answering the call to the void.


“Nyx, come on, it’s time for dinner” Dea’s voice sails through the misty paddock, up the tree that Nyx is perched in staring at the sky. Nyx is careless as she lowers herself from branch to branch. She drops off the lowest branch gently and crushes the mushrooms that have sprung up under the shelter of the evergreen. Her feet float as she sprints through the paddocks before catapulting over the fence. As she reaches the back door it springs open before she can turn the knob.

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Under Water

Lost in the water
Of wanting to do well
Why bother trying
When surely I’ll flail

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Fishing Day Trip 2

A vlog from a fishing trip in December with my Dad and fiance. It was such a beautiful day!


The world can’t stop, it won’t sit still.

It’s out to change, it’s out to kill.

The world hasn’t got our permission.

Instead it copies what’s in its vision.

We keep moving, it won’t stop.

We keep producing, it’s filled to the top.

Too much people, too much stuff.

If our land could talk, would it say, “enough!”?

We keep saying tomorrow we’ll be better.

But tomorrow never comes.

Just look at our landfills, the evidence in tonnes.

The world, it taps its toes in impatience.

It’s waiting for us to learn.

But we won’t learn our lesson, until it’s in flames.

And to the ground it burns.

A Death in the Family

Bed day!

Opening my eyes I can see that the room is cast in shadows. The light trying to push through the curtains fails and I am left to wallow in semi-darkness. I wiggle my legs under the blanket. Thinking it’s a game Artie pounces and attacks the duvet covers, intent on killing it. She turns her fluffy face to me, meowing, she runs out to the lounge room prompting me to feed her. She’s such a greedy little fur-baby. I roll over and feign sleep.


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Recipe of Memory

You slice my charred heart open with a knife,

My sweet and spicy love is not enough,

I was never enough,

Just something for you to Smash into,

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