By the time we had got to the dock the sky had clouded over and it was grey and cold. We unloaded the bus right by the sea and half the people made their way to a large boat that sat on the water looming over us. The rest branched off and hopped in cars, taking a road that curved around the coast.

“They live in the guard’s quarters while they’re working. There are some nice apartments on this island but most of us live on the mainland when we have time off. It’s good to get away.”

I nodded and followed him toward the big boat. We walked up a large ramp and made our way to the guard at the entry of the ferry. I showed him my ID, the guard nodded and I smiled at him. So close. I was so close.

I followed Max up the stairs. He knocked on a couple of doors until we found an empty bunkroom.

“It’s nice to have a nap on the ride home and I figured it’s safer in here for you.” He glanced down at his watch. “We’ve got about an hour before the boat leaves, then it’s a three hour trip so get comfortable.” He took off his jacket and flung it on one of the bunks.

“I can’t believe I’m here.”

“You did great, kid.”

“You should probably stop calling me kid you know.” I held eye contact as I made my way toward him. I wanted him to touch me again. I wanted to feel his fire.

“What should I call you?”

“Cece.” I thought about all the time I had spent coming up with the name I would choose when I left the facility. Before I knew that I would never leave, not alive anyway.

Max’s hands found the small of my back and drew me toward him.

“Cece it is.”

He kissed my forehead. I reached up and pulled his face to mine and kissed him. Gently he unbuttoned my shirt while I unbuttoned his. I couldn’t help but notice how different his body was from mine. His shoulders were broad, his chest wide and as he worked the buttons on my shirt I could see muscles twitching under his skin. He smelt different too, under the light scent of soap and cologne there was a heaviness. I took in deep breaths that seemed to sustain me, but at the same time kept me wanting more. I ran my hand down his chest where there was a light sprinkling of hair. I could feel his heart race. He held me at arm’s length, his eyes on my body. We stood there, completely naked. I was soaking in his skin, he had a scar near his navel that made me wonder. I knew nothing about his life outside of the farm.

His hands were fire on my skin and his mouth was ice as he traced my nipple with his tongue. I shuddered, barely able to stand. I held onto his shoulders, my fingernails imbedded in his back. He lifted me off the floor and pressed me into the door. My legs wrapped around him automatically, like that was where they belonged.

His kisses became carnivorous. The gentleness was lost. I lost control and lost myself in him. I screamed in pain and I screamed in pleasure, his teeth sank into my skin bringing me to life.


Lying in Max’s dark room now I can see that in Max’s arms I was more myself than I had ever been before. Everything I had done before he helped me escape the farm, I did because I was told to. But when we fucked it was because in that moment, there was nothing that I wanted more than for him to fulfil me. It did fulfil me too, those first few nights in the new world I was on my way to, we would fuck until we fell asleep. Twisted sheets and limbs lay waiting for the cool night air to kiss them goodnight. I didn’t dream of the farm then, that came later. Instead I dreamt of Max.