Your claws sink deep

Into my skin. I try

To find your faults,

But they don’t exist.

In this moment your

Perfection is fear

Inducing. You are

Everything that I want,

But I don’t want to

Want you. I run for

Miles but you’re still

On my mind, on my

Tongue. I taste you.

Your sweetness with

My sour is the perfect


Prompt taken from Taboo Poetry on tumblr

You know the rules, I’ll give you a prompt to follow and words to avoid completely. You post on your page and tag it taboopoetry. Send me or @somethingtopounceon a message, and we will reblog forthwith. Enjoy!

Prompt : a poem about FALLING in love (as opposed to a love poem in general).

Taboo Words: fall, fool, love, heart, blush, crush, and feelings.