Sometimes history repeats itself, sometimes it doesn’t.


“Nan. I need to talk to you.” Nyx stands at the door with tear streaked cheeks.

“Come in, come in. What’s wrong?” Nan shuffles down the hallway. “Tea?” She asks.

“No thanks Nan.”

“Well? What’s up?”

“Nan I’m pregnant.”

“You’re going to have a wee baby? Oh Nyx, but who? Ryan?”

“No I’m not having a baby, I’m pregnant. I don’t know who.”

“What are you talking about girl? Ryan’s a nice boy.”

“Yeah he’s nice, he’s sweet, he’s a good guy, bla bla bla. I don’t care. I don’t want to be with him forever, I don’t want to be trapped here forever. I need you to help me.”

“Help you what?”

“I need you to come to the doctor with me, I don’t want dad to know.”

“You want to get rid of it?”

“I’m too young.”

“Your mother had you when she was young.”

“And looked what happened to her. I don’t want to be my mother. I don’t want to disappoint my baby.”

“You won’t Nyx, you know we’re here to help you. Your Dad would love having a wee moko.”

“Nan, I want to go away. I want to see the world. I want to find what it is my mother thought she was looking for. Are you going to come with me or not?”

“Of course, of course. But Nyx… Are you sure?”



“Tomorrow morning”

“Okay.” They look at each other trying to read the other’s mind. Nyx get’s up and walks to the kitchen.

“Cuppa, Nan?” She asks.

“Yes please dear.” Dea looks after Nyx with sadness stamped on her face.

The morning arrives dark and grey. The winter mists hang heavy in the air, Dea shuffles into the lounge room to wake Nyx. She calls her name gently as she enters the dark room. As her eyes adjust to the gloom she sees that Nyx is not there, the blankets folded at the end of the couch tell her that Nyx had not spent the night. Agitated Dea rushes to the phone and hits the keys on the phone with force.

“Come on. Answer the bloody phone.” The answer machine answers her.

“Hi, you’ve reached Nyx. Leave me a message.” Dea hangs up the phone and dials another number.

“Yup.” Makutu’s voice creaks.

“Mak, is Sel, oh uh, Nyx there?” Dea asks.

“I thought she was at yours.”

“She was but I woke up and she’s gone. She won’t answer the phone.”

“What’s happened?”

“She’s pregnant Mak. She didn’t want you to know, but I’m worried. You know what she’s like.”


“What do we do?”

“We fucking find her and we bring her back. We’re not going through this again.”


A Lullaby

The sea crashes on the shore

It sings a song for you

The sky kisses it nightly

Lusting after the blue

Dreams are coming tonight

They’re chasing after you

So live the life you want

Want everything you do

Baby girl the world is yours’

It exists only for you

I’ll search far and wide

To find you the truest true

Rain falls from the sky

It flies only to find you

It makes the world green and lush

Your heart will be green too

Forever young

Forever free

Forever wild

Forever green