Blood is thicker than water, but it is a woman’s curse.


Nyx reaches her arms toward Ryan’s neck and laces her fingers together at the nape. His brown curls tickle the backs of her hands. She smiles at him then pulls him towards her. Her lips press against his and she closes her eyes. They gasp for breath between kisses, he lifts her from her feet before gently lowering her onto the soft, green grass. He looks down at her and they lock eyes.

“You’ve got the most interesting eyes.”

“I do?”

“They’re pitch black, like your hair but if you look close enough, for long enough, you can see a bright green ring around the middle.”

“No one’s ever noticed that before.”

“So I’m the first?” Nyx nods in response before rolling on top of him. She laughs at him before leaning down to kiss him again. The wind blows her black hair over her face so Ryan reaches up to move it out of the way. She takes his hand and slides it down her neck to her breasts. His hands shake but she holds him steadily.

“Are you sure you want to…” Ryan’s voice quivers.

“Yes. Do you love me?”

“Yes. Do you love me?” He asks in return. She smiles at him and kisses him again. This time, guiding his hand up her thigh and under her dress. They roll around in the grass beneath the evergreen.

They lay still staring up at the sky through the branches. The sun casting long limbed shadows across their faces.

“Are you okay?” he caresses her hair. She smiles at him.

“Of course I am.” Nyx springs to her feet and starts to climb the tree. “I used to climb this tree when I was little.” She reaches the top most branches.

“Be careful up there.” She stares out across the hills and trees in silence for a while.


“Do you think I would die if I jumped from this height?” she calls down to him.


“Would you catch me if I fall?”

“I would try. Come down here Nyx, you’re scaring me.”

“You’re scared?” She laughs. “I’m the one who’s at the top of this tree. Would you climb up here to save me if I couldn’t get down?”

“Are you stuck?” Ryan tries to catch Nyx’s eye but she’s looking off into the distance.

“Yes” she replies, in a whisper that the wind carries away.