The world can be a scary place, the mind can be scarier.


“Shhh. Come on, follow me”. Nyx motions for Sarah to follow her out of her bedroom window. Once outside the wind tugs at their nightgowns as they make their way down the path. Their bare feet imprint the soft green grass as their feet gently kiss the paddock.

“How much further?” Sarah asks. She looks about her but sees nothing in the darkness.

“Not far. It’ll be fun. Just like in the movie.”

They arrive at the evergreen. Nyx pulls two candles from her bag and lights them.

“Here, take these while I set up.”

“Nyx this is scary. What if ghosts come?” Nyx continues to pull things from her bag in ritualistic silence. She lays out an itchy woollen blanket and sits down on it. Then out comes a piece of paper with the letters of the alphabet and a few words written on it, she picks up four small stones to hold down the corners, just in case the wind picks up.

“We’re here now we may as well go through with this.” Nyx asserts her authority. Sarah nods in response and sets the candles down to shine light on the piece of paper.

“Okay, you ready?” Nyx asks. Sarah nods again. Nyx slips the ring off her finger. It has a gold band with an emerald the size of a tic-tac in the middle, a present from her father for her 12th birthday. She places the ring on the paper.

“You have to put your fingers on here too okay? And you can’t take them off until we say goodbye or bad things will happen”. Sarah puts her fingers on the ring.

“We call upon the peaceful dead. If any spirits would like to speak tonight, show us a sign.” Sarah smiles at Nyx and joins in.

“We call upon the peaceful dead. If any spirits would like to speak tonight, show us a sign. We call upon the”

“It’s not working.” Sarah interrupts.

“Shh and keep your fingers on. We call upon the peaceful dead, please show us a sign.” The girls’ stare at their homemade Ouija board, the wind picks up and their candles go out one at a time.

“Is that a sign?” Sarah’s face barely visible without the candlelight.

“No. Please show us a sign.” Nyx calls up to the tree. The candles come back to life and both girls gasp.

“My name is Nyx and hers is Sarah, what is your name spirit?” the girls watch their hands. “Please speak with us.” The ring slides to yes then moves back to the centre.

“Was that you?” Sarah’s voice shakes. Nyx shakes her head in response.

“Shh. Did I know you when you were living?” The ring moves back to yes.

“I can’t do this.” Sarah jumps to her feet. She starts running back towards the house breathing heavily. Nyx stays seated staring at her fingers on the ring. The ring moves around the paper in a figure of eight motion before spelling out the name “Selene Black”. Nyx laughs to herself and gets up, slipping the ring back on her finger.

“Wait for me Sarah.” She runs into the darkness, the wind whips her black hair about her face as she laughs.