Like the stars and moon light up the night, you light up my life.


“Look at that one there, what does that one look like to you?” Makutu points to the stars. She squints her eyes trying to blur them into seeing a shape.

“Hm, maybe a puppy?”

“Funny that, you think you’re seeing your future do you?” His eyes crinkle at the corners.

“Well it’s my birthday soon and ten’s old enough to look after a puppy isn’t it?”

“We’ll see.” Silence hangs in the air, but it’s not heavy and cumbersome. The silence wraps them up comfortably as they stare at the sky, thinking.

“What do you see Dad?” Makutu’s eyes lose focus as his thoughts overtake him momentarily.

“I see a little girl who needs to go to bed.”


“Go on.”

Nyx brushes her teeth and puts on her Pyjamas. Once in bed she slips her hand under her pillow and pulls out an old book. Flipping open to the font page she pauses running her finger over the name “Selene Black”. Closing her eyes she tries to remember the face she had seen in sun-faded photographs, but there is no one there. Makutu appears in the doorway.

“Lights out kid.”

“Okay, night Dad.”

“Night, I love you.”

“Love you. Hey Dad?”


“Do you remember what Mum looked like?”

“I’ll never forget. She had these bright green eyes. Whether she was mad, sad or happy those eyes shone bright. I called her my evergreen.”

“Like that tree I climb?”


“Hey Dad?”

“Yeah Kid?”

“Why don’t I have evergreens?”

“Cause you’re mine as well and don’t you forget it.”

He switches off her light but leaves the door open ajar so that a little light streams through. She stares at the name in the book before sliding it back under her pillow. Rolling onto her back she stares up at the glow-in-the-dark stars that twinkled down on her from the ceiling. As she drifts off to sleep she thinks of the mother she never knew and whether it was the evergreens that Dad saw up in the stars.