A Death in the Family

Bed day!

Opening my eyes I can see that the room is cast in shadows. The light trying to push through the curtains fails and I am left to wallow in semi-darkness. I wiggle my legs under the blanket. Thinking it’s a game Artie pounces and attacks the duvet covers, intent on killing it. She turns her fluffy face to me, meowing, she runs out to the lounge room prompting me to feed her. She’s such a greedy little fur-baby. I roll over and feign sleep.


“Stevie!” panic jumps into Jordan’s throat as he screams my name.

Jumping out of bed the cold air slaps my body. I run into the lounge. I feel my eyes take over my face and body until all I am is eyes and I can’t move. There she is lying on the floor completely still. The panic leaps out of Jordan’s throat into my own.

“What the fuck happened!?”

Jordan flings the plank of wood off her body that has fallen off the top of the coat rack. Why did we put it up there? The panic splits itself in two and we share it.

“Fuck!” Jordan barely manages a whisper.

We’re both crying, we’re both staring at each other, all we are is eyes. Then she starts to move and hope floods my heart, fuelled by the adrenaline hope pumps through my body. She’s not dead!

“Don’t move!” I yell, as Jordan slumps to the floor beside her.

Running back to my bedroom I throw on jeans and a leather jacket that were on the floor to hide my nakedness. I run back into the lounge. I watch as the panic leaves Jordan to find another home and hopelessness takes its place.

“Blood, there’s blood” Wide blue eyes look up at me in question.

“Grab the fucking keys” I hold back tears as I scoop her into my arms and wrap her in a towel. Seeing the pool of blood I start to lose the plot.

We race to the car and get in. I’m in shock. My heart couldn’t possibly beat any faster. My tears fall from my face flooding my naked breasts. I am numb and I can’t breathe. I look down at her furry little face, and then up as if in prayer.

“Please!” I beg, hoping someone will take this away.

Her paws stretch out from the blood soaked towel in spasm and then her body relaxes in my hands. She’s dead in my fucking arms and there’s not a fucking thing I can do.


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