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December 2015

Diving Day Trip

Went diving out at Pourere Beach last time I was in Hawkes Bay at the end of November. Just whipped up a wee vlog from that day featuring some underwater footage. The water was very murky but we had a very successful day of it taking away our full quota of paua, 2 crayfish and a few kina. Continue reading “Diving Day Trip”


Fishing Day Trip

Just a quick Vlog of a day trip fishing out in Napier a couple of weeks ago, loving the sunshine! Unfortunately we didn’t catch much, but was still a lovely day.

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A Death in the Family

Bed day!

Opening my eyes I can see that the room is cast in shadows. The light trying to push through the curtains fails and I am left to wallow in semi-darkness. I wiggle my legs under the blanket. Thinking it’s a game Artie pounces and attacks the duvet covers, intent on killing it. She turns her fluffy face to me, meowing, she runs out to the lounge room prompting me to feed her. She’s such a greedy little fur-baby. I roll over and feign sleep.


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