“So what else do you do dear?” The greying haired lady asks. I fold up the silk blouses she has picked out, my cheeks start to warm. I know where this is going. I’ve had this conversation many times.

“Oh, nothing at this point.”

“So you’re not studying?”

“No, just working for a bit.” It’s not the lady’s fault, but I want to punch her right in the throat.

Instead I wrap her blouses in tissue. She grimaces and starts hunting through her wallet for her credit card.

“Oh you seem clever dear that’s why I asked”

“Looks can be deceiving” I smile at her trying to diffuse my own frustration. Then a cheeky thought strikes me and I ask.

“So what do you do?”

“Me, oh I haven’t worked for years dear”

“Are you retired?” Jackpot. She looks offended.

“No, no.” She flusters with her purse. I tie the bow on the bag.

“Oh sorry” I’m not.

“Well have a good day!” I give her my biggest smile and she smiles back, as she takes her bag and thanks me. As she walks out the door I turn away and let the smile drop from my face.