My body.

A smorgasbord for the silent mosquito that slides through the darkness. Our skin glistens under the rays of the night’s sun.

I’m naked.

Frustrated by the heat. This midsummer night is clammy with anticipation. Does my nudity bore you?

I stretch.

I lengthen my being, pointed toes and hunched shoulders. My mind stretches toward you, wishing you could reach me.

Your direction.

I turn toward the ceiling and you twist away from me. Like roots burrowing into the earth we are set in our ways.

You on me.

If you could read my mind you would touch me. Why can’t you see I want your fingerprints on my thighs?

Eyes closed.

I throw my thoughts from my mind and hope the darkness will hold onto them until I sleep. They creep back, encroaching and crowding my consciousness.

Sweet dreams.

I dream of you, do you dream of me too?